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Vinyl Flooring HDB BTO 3-Room Package

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this product will be delivered as soon as circuit breaker has come to an end, in June 2020

Need New Flooring But Not Ready To Commit?

Main Benefits:

  • Highly Durability - Scratch Resistant
  • Anti Slip Properties - Suitable for a home with young children or elderly
  • Low Cost - Half the price of premium tiles
  • Easy Maintenance - Stain Resistant
  • Save on Hacking - Suitable for overlay on existing flooring
  • Easy Installation - Click System allows installation to be done without adhesive
  • Eco-Friendly - Made from recycled materials

This package includes:

  • Delivery & Labour 
  • Skirting and Profile
  • Vinyl Flooring 5mm

Package Price: $2199.00 (U.P. $2348.50)

  • Based on 470 Sqft

  • If you're looking for affordable flooring material, Vinyl is the one you should go for. Apart from being cost-effective and highly durable, vinyl flooring allows easy maintenance and cleaning.

    This is the ideal flooring for households with a family of all ages. Have a spill on the floor? Just a quick wipe will do. Vinyl's easy clean surface is not easily penetrated by water, oil, chemicals or grease; making it suitable even for bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or any other high moisture space in the house.

    The typical life spent on vinyl flooring ranges between 10 - 15 years.

    Suitable to be used for overlay, this saves the cost of manpower for hacking and also requires lesser work to be done.

    • Product Thickness: 5mm
    • CLICK Locking System
  • Visit the Homefix Showroom at Homefix Building Level 2 (19 Tai Seng Avenue) to see this Space Theory Vinyl Flooring Step 1 in real and learn more about all the details from our knowledgeable staff.

    At home fix plus, we're we are always ready to guide homeowners through the joyful but potentially stressful process of creating a Home.

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