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Olee Y3 Easy Spin Mop

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  • Saves time, Effort and energy
  • Dry mop / wet mop clean, dust and leaves no marks
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Interchangeable mop head
  • Patented technology
  • Aluminum pedal tor long lasting stepping
  • Stainless steel part to prevent rusting
  • Can spin dry via stepping or hand press technology
  • Anti slip base prevent bucket from moving during spin dry

Model: OLEE - Y3

  • The Original Spin Mop is a breakthrough home cleaning system guaranteed to cut your cleaning time in halt’ The original easy mop with Its 360° rotating head covers wider area and even allows it to reach and clean every corner of your house. The unique structure of the ultrafine micro fiber lists quickly absorb up spills. The easy mop traps dust and dirt, lock it in tightly, and expels it in the unique rotating spin cycle drying system. Press the pedal a few times and it spins the mop head up to 2600 rpm to spin the water from the mop. Best of all, it leaves your floors virtually dry’. No more wringing mops or touching dirty water ever again. Use the original easy mop for cleaning stains then spin dry for dusting. Great for any type of floor, it spins 360°, like a street sweeper cleaning the curbs, pulling the mess to the inside of the mop so you’re not just pulling and pushing the dirt around.

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