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Mossif3 Herbal Extract Mosquito Repeller 75Gm 2S

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  • Non-toxic with 3in1 benefits
  • Air Freshner
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Natural Mosquito repellent.
  • Contains 3-5 Herbal Essential Oils
  • Safe and easy to way to repel mosquitoes
  • 2 Scent : Rainforest, Purisfying Natural

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  • Content: Made with up to 5 herbal essential oils.

    Fragrance such as Apple and Lavender are only added to Rainforest variant.Polymer gel, natural ethanol,emulsifier and preservstives.

    Suitable for use in car, room, tent, office and restaurant and restroom.

    Non-toxic with 3in1 benefits : Air Freshener, Aroma Therapy and Natural Mosquito repellent.Contains 3-5 Herbal Essential Oils, Safe and easy to way to repel mosquitoes by twist open and leave for 3 months.

    Rainforest : Stimulating and Purifying

    Natural : Refreshing and Purifying

    • Weight : 75gm x 2 in twist-able cap container.
    • Last : 3-4 weeks
    • Coverage : Area of 100sq/ft.
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