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Megaman ZB Gateway

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Circuit breaker fulfilment update
this product will be delivered as soon as circuit breaker has come to an end, in June 2020

  • Can be controlled by smart devices with the INGENIUM® ZB app
  • Connects to 150 devices within a mesh network
  • Compatible with all INGENIUM ZB products
  • Zigbee 3.0 certified product supports forward abd backward compatibilty

  • The Brains: in the range...

    The SMART ZB GatAeway allows for remote access to INGENIUM® ZB devices without geographical limitation, it's also compatiable with Wi-Fi.

    Feature photo 1 of Megaman ZB GatewayFeature photo 2 of Megaman ZB GatewayFeature photo 3 of Megaman ZB Gateway Feature photo 4 of Megaman ZB Gateway
    • Model no: GW601/z1-UK
    • Input: 100-240V - 50/60Hz
    • Power Supply: External adaptor (5V DC1A)
    • Control Unit:Smart device with APP (iOS and Android), INGENIUM®
      ZB remote controllers
    • No. of Groups supports 50
    • No. of Scenes supports 50
    • No. of Rules supports 50 Control
    • System: Compatible with INGENIUM® ZB products and Zigbee® 3.0 Certified Product
    • Size: H89mm*W89*D23mm
    Spec photo 1 of Megaman ZB Gateway Spec photo 2 of Megaman ZB GatewaySpec photo 3 of Megaman ZB Gateway
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