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Leifheit Floor Cloth Micro 42cmX58cm

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  • Particular cleaning power thanks to 100 % microfibres
  • Very good water absorption, follow up drying is not necessary
  • Fluff-free cleaning of all stone floors and tiles

  • The whole power of microfibres for thorough clean floors: Leifheit floor cloth Micro made of 100 % microfibres removes dirt and even remains of grease on tile and stone floors easily - completely without cleaning agents, completely fluff- and smear-free. Due to the high water absorption, the following drying is unnecessary.

    Washable at 60 deg celsius, it offers even after repeated washings the same cleaning power like a new cloth.

    Size: 58cm x 42cm.

    • Size 58 x 42 cm
    • Washable at 60°C
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