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Krud Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner

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  • Repels dirt & stains
  • Removes tough odours
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Safe for all carpet type, including nylon and synthetic carpets, as well as stain resistant carpets
  • Available in a 22 oz / 650 mL Spray

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  • Krud Kutter® Heavy Traffic Carpet Cleaner is used and recommended by cleaning professionals to remove the toughest carpet stains and odours with non-toxi and safe surfactants, including tracked-in dirt, grease, mud, clay and food spills. It even cleans motor oil, cola, grape/berry juice, red wine, coffee, urine, spaghetti sauce, shoe polish, blood stains and more. This powerful carpet cleaner penetrates deep into carpet fibres to keep the carpet clean, fresh and odour-free.

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