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Ingco Li-Ion Cordless Blower KIT (Battery + Charger)

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This Set Includes:

  • Ingco  FBLI2001 Li-Ion Battery 20V 2.0Ah
    • 20V
    • Battery capacity Lithium-ion: 2.0Ah
    • Battery with LED display capacity of a battery 
  • Ingco FCLI2001 Battery Charger 20V 110-250V 50/60Hz
    • 110V-240V~50/60Hz
    • 20V
    • Charge current:2A
    • 50-watt motor
    • Charges 20V 2.0Ah battery in 1Hr
  • Ingco CABLI2001 Li-Ion Cordless Blower Bare Unit
    • 20V
    • Rotation/minute: 0-10000/0-12500/0-17000
    • Accessories included
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