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Hills Slim 6 Retracting Clothesline

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  • Sleek and discreet design that mounts seamlessly to the wall
  • Variable line length that can run from 2.0 to 6.5 metres
  • Dual settings for easy adjustment of line tension for heavy light/loads
  • Individual spring-loaded line spools prevent tangling

  • The innovative new Slim Retracting Clothesline. Designed to meet the modern needs and tastes of households, including everything from apartment dwellers to the traditional family home.

    • Colour: Silver
    • Line Space: 39M
    • Line No: 6
    • Body Size: 0.3M*1.04M*0.07M
  • Visit the Homefix Shorwroom at Homefix Building Level 2 (19 Tai Seng Avenue) to see this Hills Slim 6 Retracting Clothesline in real and learn more about all the details from our knowledgeable staff.

    At home fix plus, we're we are always ready to guide home owners through the joyful but potentially stressful process of creating a Home.

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