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Clean-X STAINLESS Shine 3 In 1 Surface Care (Cream) 296Ml

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  • Removes Stains
  • Polishes Surfaces To A Sparkling Shine
  • Cleans And Shields Stainless Steel And Other Surfaces
  • Microbe-Resistant Barrier Coating Against Bacteria And Mold Growth
  • 3 In 1 Surface Care
  • Cream Based

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  • Uniquely formulated to remove tarnish, film and stains from stainless steel sinks, ranges, hoods, counters and appliance panels. Cleans, polishes and protects against water, soil and oxidation. Surfaces will be left shining like brand new. Cleans grease, grime, stains, food, spills, and fingerprints. Shields surfaces against the adhesion and buildup of food stuff, soap scum, oil, grease, smudges and fingerprints for easier cleaning the next time. Gradually, cleaning will be a breeze!

    The invisible microbe-resistant barrier coating protects surfaces by preventing odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew from growing, in between regular cleaning. Stainless Shine polishes stainless steel to a sparkling shine that looks like its brand-new condition.


    1. Apply small amount of Stainless Shine to a kitchen sponge, soft cloth, or paper towel.
    2. Massage surface with circular, overlapping motion to remove soil and wipe up until residu
      • Active Ingredients: Hydrogen Peroxide, Organosilane Quaternaries & Siloxanes
      • Flash Point: None (Water-Based)
      • Odor: Pleasant Fragrance
      • Color: Milky White
      • Storage Stability: Minimum 2 Years
      • Freeze/ Thaw Stability: Good
      • 296 ml
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