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Airvita 250 Plasmawave Hepa Air Purifier with Ionizer

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Why We Like This: Compact air purifier, well suited for living rooms and small offices up to 25 sq. meter. Filters polluted air in 4 stages, removes both harmful particles and bad smells. Easy to use.
  • HEPA air purifier with built-in ionizer
  • 4 stages purification
  • Area coverage up to 270sq.ft
  • 3-speed settings

Inhale clean, fresh air with AirVita PlasmaWave HEPA Air purifier with built-in ionizer. Uses 4 stages of purification system that removes dust, pollen, mould and smoke while giving a sophisticated look to your room of up to 270 sq ft. PlasmaWave air purifier comes with 3-speed settings and 3 timer mode as well as a granular activated carbon filter to remove stretch. Say NO to breathing in musty polluted air!

    • How it works: The Airvita PlasmaWave Air Purifier with built-in ionizer goes through 4 stages of purifying. The whisper quiet fan quickly draws in the polluted air enters the air purifier from the front. As the dirty air passes thru, the larger particles are being trapped in the pre-filter. The small dirt particles that pass thru the HEPA filter is then being trapped before it passes thru the carbon filter which will remove gaseous pollutants and odours. The ion emitter then releases ion into the airflow which the air will come out clean. The clean and sanitized air is then circulated out from the top of the purifier.
    • Slim and lightweight
    • Kills 99.39% of airborne microorganism – CASE Test result
    • Multistage cleaning system (Pre-filter, HEPA, activated carbon filter, negative ion)
    • Pre-filter traps large dust particles
    • HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles like dust, dander, pollen and smoke as small as 0.03 microns
    • Activated carbon filter absorbs gaseous pollutants, ozone, odours and tobacco particulates.
    • Negative ionizer emits negative ions to remove airborne irritants.
    • High Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 105
    • A powerful fan provides large clean air volume.
    • 3 level fan speed selection – Low/Medium/High
    • Auto timer of 2/4/8 hours
    • Coverage area of 25m2
    • Power consumption: 52 Watts
    • Coverage area Up to 25m 2 or 270 sq. ft.
    • Net weight : 4.05kg
    • Dimension : 410 x 175 x435 mm
    • Speed setting: High Medium Low
    • Noise level: 48db 39db 28db
    • Air flow rate: 113m3 /min 113m3 /min 113m3 /min
    • Filter unit capacity: up to 6 months (Approx. 4,200 hr)
    • 4-step purification: Washable Pre-filter                                                             99.00% HEPA Type Filter
                                   Granular Activated Carbon Filter
                                   Built-in Ionizer
    • Negative Ion Density : >3 million/cc
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