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Airvita 200 - Compact Air Purifier

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Why We Like This: stylish and affordable air purifier well suited for living rooms and bedrooms up to 20 sq. meter. Filters polluted and smelly air in 5 stages. Easy to use.
  • Kills >99.5% of airborne microorganism
  • 5 Multistage cleaning system
    1. Pre-filter
    2. HEPA Activated carbon filter
    3. TiO2 Filter + UV Light
    4. Ionizer)
    5. Pre-filter traps large dust particles
    • HEPA Filter captures particles like dust, dander, pollen and smoke as small as 0.3microns
    • Activated carbon filter removes odours and tobacco particulates
    • TiO2 and UV light kills germs and bacteria
    • Negative ionizer emits negative ions to remove airborne irritants and coagulates smaller floating dust particles in the air to allow them to settle to the ground for easy cleaning.
    • 3 speed powerful fan draws in dirty air to clean up the room within the fastest time
    • Large coverage area of 20sqm

    • The Compact TRUE HEPA Air Purifier is fitted with a TRUE HEPA filter that clears the air of mold spores, dust, tobacco smoke, pollen, pet dander and other micro allergens. It captures more than 99.5% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger to improve the air quality in your room. The negative ionizer can be turned on/off depending on the individual’s preference. On top of that, the Compact TRUE HEPA Air Purifier also equipped with a carbon filter to take care of unpleasant odours and an electronic filter indicator alerts you know when to change the filter. Works excellent for room sizes up to 215 square feet.

      The 5 multistage purifying ensures clean air all day long. The pre-filter blocks out large dust particles such as pollen, pet dander etc., The HEPA filter further screens away microscopic dust and harmful particles in the air. The carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odours while the TiO2 filter together with UV lamp kills germs and bacteria. Lastly, the ionizer releases negative ions to further purify the air.

    • Model No AirVita 200
      Power consumption 50W
      Voltage / Frequency 230V / 50Hz
      Air purification coverage 215 sq ft or 20m2
      Fan speed setting Low / Medium / High
      Noise Level 30dB / 40dB / 50dB
      Negative Ions density > 3 million negative ions per cm3
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