2 SETS - Airfree Tulip 40 Filterless Air Steriliser

Slim and Powerful Air Steriliser  

Made in Europe, and now coming to Singapore too. And be the amongst the first in Singapore who will receive this powerful solution to keep your home free of airborne viruses and more.

Air Steriliser is a pre-ordered product usually delivered 10-14 working days.

  • Filterless technology: No extra costs with replacement filters
  • It is completely silent
  • Small and portable
  • Suited for rooms up to 16 sq meter
  • Independently tested in ISO laboratories around the world
  • Airfree destroys mould, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, pollens, pet dander, organic odours and other organic allergens
  • Reduces indoor harmful ozone levels
  • Choose from the selection of 10 night light colours, the intensity or simply select the ‘random’ mode and let the colours alternate softly for you.

Also available as Single unit of Airfree Tulip 40 here.

    • This new air steriliser from Airfree® has everything the brand always cares about in products: modern design and efficiency elegantly combined together. The Tulip offers a slim and sleek design, without taking up much space in your home and will fit into any décor. Airfree Tulip combines high performance with a slim and stylish design. 30% smaller diameter, and the choice of 10-color nightlights, so you can choose the one that fits best in your home decor, even in the smallest spaces. Breather Healthier. Live Healthier.
    • Details about the Airfree Tulip 01 Details about the Airfree Tulip 02 Details about the Airfree Tulip 03 Details about the Airfree Tulip 04 Details about the Airfree Tulip 05
    • 2-year Warranty
      Low energy consumption: 45 W
      Dimensions: 14.5 cm / Height: 33 cm
      Suited for rooms up to 16 sq meter
      Made in Europe
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