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Smart Home

Here are 12 ways these technologies help caregivers and their loved ones.

  1. Environmental sensors can detect a fire and alert the resident, caregivers, and emergency personnel.
  2. Wearable call button devices put the senior in immediate contact with help.
  3. Video surveillance of the outside of the property can show the loved one who is at the door or verify the presence of someone should they hear a noise. This can reduce stress and anxiety.
  4. The knowledge that loved ones can see them reduces feelings of fear and isolation.
  5. Seniors can control many tasks such as turning off and on the lights and television, controlling the thermostat and locking doors from their computer, smartphone or tablet. This can reduce the incidence of falling.
  6. Access to live video surveillance can provide the caregiver constant information about the health and well-being of their loved one.
  7. Sensors can provide information about unusual movements, or lack of movement that could signify an emergency.
  8. Sensors can indicate too much time in bed or a decrease in activity that could indicate feeling depressed or isolated.
  9. Door sensors can tell the caregiver when people come and leave the home.
  10. Sensors on the refrigerator can help ensure the senior is eating frequently enough.
  11. Remote access to automation can allow the caregiver to turn off forgotten appliances, make sure the indoor climate is comfortable and safe, and enable forgotten locks.
  12. Alert caregiver if loved ones had taken medication

When used together, smart home and security technologies can help loved ones balance the increasing need for supervision with the loved one’s need for autonomy. These affordable technologies are allowing people to stay in the home longer and lead happy and healthy lives. If you have questions about how to use home security and smart home solutions to aid in elder care, feel free to give our Smart Home Team a call.


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