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Services - Home Installation


Competitive Project Pricing - and unrivalled product selection

Professional Independent Installers - all selected by Homefix Squad, licensed and insured

Labor Is Guaranteed - and backed by a minimum 1-year warranty


Home installation with Homefix Squad, in 6 simple steps:

 Submit the form on this page, or visit Homefix+ to talk with one of our Homefix Squad specialists.
Shop for home fixtures that are right for your home (yes, we love to help!).
An independent installer will reach out to you, to set up an in-home measure.
After the measure, we will follow up with a detailed quotation for your project.
After your confirmation, the independent installer will reach out to schedule your installation once the home fixtures have been delivered.
The independent installer will install your beautiful new home.


Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak we are able to provide Home Services. We will resume our services after the current restrictions have been lifted.


Trust Homefix Squad With Your Home Installations

Hang Shelving - When you need to increase storage space for anything from clothing to books, food, or household supplies, hanging shelves can offer an effective solution that won’t take up floor space with added cabinetry or furnishings. 

However, to be both functional and stable, shelves must be leveled and installed securely. A professional installer has the know-how to hang shelves with proper support to create a useful and attractive storage system. 

TV Mount Installation - A television mount provides the ideal way to install your TV. Enjoy watching your favorite shows at the perfect viewing angle and refresh your home with a more modern look. Installing your TV on a wall-mounted bracket also keeps it out of the path of kids and pets and could free up floor space you might have reserved for a TV stand. 

When you hire a pro to install your TV mount, you can skip ahead to the popcorn. An experienced pro will have the know-how and equipment to install your television mount quickly and properly so you can be ready for movie night. 

Door Hardware Replacement or Installation - Properly installed door hardware can improve the appearance and function of any door, whether to latch an interior door or keep an entry door secure and weathertight. 

Door hardware includes anything that attaches to your door to make it secure and functional, from knobs and handles to locks, hinges, kickplates, sweeps, and peepholes. It’s difficult to fix mistakes or patch damage in most types of doors, so hiring a pro to install your door hardware can help ensure it is properly fitted without damaging your door, frame, or trim. 

Cabinet Hardware Replacement or Installation - Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, home office or family room, cabinet hardware can make a big impact on the look of any room. Adding or changing cabinet and drawer pulls or handles is a great way to make an economical update to your cabinets or to put the finishing touch on a new cabinet installation. 

Ensure your new cabinet hardware looks and functions perfectly by trusting the job to a pro. They’ll have the tools and know-how to get the job done quickly and correctly so you can skip the hassle and enjoy the new look. 


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