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Nippon Paint Festival

Nippon Paint Festival - discounts, gifts, free delivery on all nippon paints

Singapore's largest online paint shop is back with a fantastic and colourful festival: the Nippon Paint Festival, from 25 April till 30 May 2020. Together with our paint partners we have lined up a series of amazing promotions. And why wait for your paint so long, Homefix delivers your paint in 1 - 3 working days, for free.

We see so much more interest in quality paints, now circuit breaker makes us stay at home more often than usually. The perfect time to give your walls and ceiling a fresh coat of paint. Be daring and bring some colour into your home. Or choose a classy white: we have over 24,000 paints and colours to choose from, all just a click away. Start painting soon, start shopping for paint now: visit our Homefix Online Nippon Paint Store.

See all our Celebration Cakes


See all our delicious whole cakes


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Save money!

Use discount code NIP5 during checkout and you receive 5% off all your Nippon Paints (minimum order $50). Or use code NIP10 during checkout and get even more discount: 10% off all Aqua Bodelac and Bodelac 9000 paints.


Free Gifts!

Every paint order comes with at least one free gift. Like a top quality 6" roller with with your wall paint, or a 1" brush with your wood and metal paints


Free & Fast Delivery

Why wait longer to receive your paint. We always deliver within 1-3 working days, usually on Monday and Thursday.And yes: all paint deliveries are free during the Nippon Paint Festival

See all our Celebration Cakes


See all our delicious whole cakes

More paints!

Did you know that Homefix Online offers over 24,000 different Nippon Paints and colours?

Not only is Nippon Paint the most popular paint in Singapore, reckoned for its quality, easy application and durability, Nippon offers paints for interior and exterior, walls, ceilings, roofs, wood, metal and other materials, in a wide range of colours from classic to contemporary, from basic white to soothing blue.

Have a look at the Nippon Paint Shop now and you can be painting your home this weekend.



Easy Online Ordering!

No need to get out of the door to order your paints. Homefix Online now has a unique Nippon Paint Shop. Works great on your mobile phone too!

Read about the advantages of different paints, browse the various colour groups, from trendy to stylish, get big and accurate colours on your screen and make your choice with a few clicks. Ordering paint online was never before so easy.

Immediately after we receive your order, our master mixers prepare your paint to the exact recipe and arrange home delivery. That's all. That's easy!

Start shopping now for Nippon Paints, discounts, free gifts, fast and free delivery
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