Membership Program Update


In September 2018 we will launch a brand new membership program under the name Homefix Prime.

Homefix Prime will bring members instant savings on every purchase at Homefix, in our stores islandwide and online. Add to this Neighbourhood Perks, preferred access to new services and more, and it's clear why we are so excited. More details on this program will follow when we close in on launch date.

To prepare our systems for this new program, we have decided to stop the current membership program.
This means that from today onwards current members will not earn any new points anymore.

As a token of our appreciation to our loyal members, on August 1 we have issued 10% bonus points on top of every membership account. This is reflected in each account account automatically.

Members have until the end of August 2018 to redeem all points at any of our 16 stores islandwide. This redemption is done in a regular way on the POS when a member pays for their purchases.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we change our membership program?
The current program is only available in our regular stores, the new program is available for both regular stores and online customers. It will also allow us to become more flexible in the benefits we offer, and therefore more attractive to our new members.

Why do we have to clear the current point balance?
The new system will offer a different point value and new redemption options. One to one conversion of the old points to the new points is therefore not possible.

What if a member wants to redeem their points after 31 August 2018?
At the POS in our stores, this will not be possible. But there is an escape: during the month of August, members can buy Digital Vouchers in our stores islandwide. The value of the vouchers is SGD 25 and these vouchers can be used to offset the costs of any purchase at within a 12 month period.

What to do if a member does not have enough points for such Digital Voucher?
Like with any purchase in store, members can use their point balance to offset the total purchase amount and pay the remaining amount with cash or card. Example: if a member has 1080 points, the value is SGD 21.60, so to purchase a Digital Voucher, they have to pay another SGD 3.40

Can anybody buy those digital vouchers?
Only members with a registered email address can purchase a voucher. This email address is required because the actual voucher will be emailed within one working day after purchase in the store.

What happens when a customer buys a Digital Voucher?
The purchase is completed on the store POS and the customer receives a regular receipt. After this, the Customer Service team will issue the voucher code via email the NEXT working day.

Does a member need to spend the full Digital Voucher amount in one purchase?
No, a member can, for instance, do an SGD 12 purchase, enter their Digital Voucher code while checking out, and the SGD 12 will be deducted from their Digital Voucher. For their next purchase SGD 13 is still available in their Digital Voucher

Will current members automatically enrol in the new Homefix Prime program?
No, all members will receive an invitation to sign up for the new program by Mid September 2018.

What to do if a member has no actual email address linked to their account and still wants to use the option to purchase a Digital Voucher?
In these cases, the member can contact our Customer Service Team, who will deduct the points from their account manually and issue the digital voucher. Members need at least 1,250 points in their account to complete this purchase since each point equals SGD 0.02

What to do if a member purchased a Digital Voucher, but did not receive a Digital Voucher confirmation email?
It will take one full WORKING DAY to process the voucher purchase. So for Vouchers purchased on Saturday, the email confirmation with the Digital Voucher will be sent latest by Monday end of the day. For a voucher purchased on Monday, the confirmation email will be sent latest by Tuesday end of the day.
If after this time the customer has not received the voucher email, they can contact the Customer Service team. During this call, the member will need the transaction number mentioned on their store receipt.

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