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Homefix+ Rewards

From 19 July 2019 onwards, Homefix Online Rewards is now Homefix+ Member Card

At all our outlets you still enjoy the lofty discounts on selected products that came with the Homefix Membership. But now there is more.
As soon as Homefix+ members activate their account online, they automatically  enroll in the Homefix Online Rewards Program. With a bonus:  Homefix+ members earn the regular 5% AND an extra 2%. That's a whopping  7% store credit on every online order delivered to you, or picked up.
Homefix+ members also get double the time to redeem their Homefix Online  Rewards: 4 months in total.


What has changed for Homefix members who purchased their membership before 19 July 2019?

  • Homefix Online Rewards is now called Homefix+ Member Card
  • Homefix+ member can register for Homefix Online Rewards, after which they earn 5% = 2% = 7% store credit on every completely fulfilled order.
  • Homefix+ members get 2+2=4 months to use their store credits as discount to their online orders.
  • Homefix+ members receive a one-time complementary $10 Store Credit on 19 July 2019, which will be valid until 1 August 2019 and allows Homefix+ members to enjoy an automatic $10 discount, deducted from their first order placed before 1 August 2019
  • In August 2019 Homefix+ members will receive vouchers for free shipping, valid for up to 4 online orders until the end of their membership.
  • Homefix+ members are still enjoying discounts on selected products, from now on exclusively in our outlets.

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