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Homefix Prime Introduction

The all-new Homefix Prime Membership program: because it's all about you!  With the Homefix Prime Membership, you get instant access to lower prices, earn more points and enjoy lots of other benefits, both in all our stores, online, at Homefix+ and at Homefix Rentals.

Buy your membership now and receive instant Prime Points:
New Members get 100 Prime Points
Past Members get 500 Prime Points

Welcome Pack**:

  • Receive exclusive welcome gift for each sign up
  • $100 voucher for Vornado 723DC
  • $10 voucher for Eques door viewer
  • $5 online voucher (Minimum spend of $100)
  • 1X Free Shipping voucher (Minimum spend of $25)
  • $10 XPC Voucher for workshops (Click here to view XPC's website)

    EARN PRIME POINTS: every dollar spent at Homefix including Homefix Rentals and other services entitles you to Prime points!

    BURN PRIME POINTS: Offset your purchase with Prime Points and enjoy lower prices!

    SIGN UP for your Homefix Prime membership here.

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    homefix Prime is finally here, buy your membership up now

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