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Details - The Unforgettable Clearance Sale

Homefix is hosting The Unforgettable Clearance Sale at Homefix Building, from Tuesday 17 December until Friday 20 December 2019, daily from 10 am til 6 pm.

This is not just another ordinary clearance sale, like you see a dime in a dozen, no: this is serious. Homefix is under a major reorganisation to start the next decade healthy, agile and with a whole series of unique new initiatives.

But before it's 2020, we need to clear Homefix Building, and that means more amazing deals than you can ever image.


Home improvement products

Of course there will be unbelievable good deals on a wide range of home improvement products. We recently closed our retail outlets islandwide and consolidated all inventory at Homefix Building. Before we move to our new location we are going to clear this stock completely. That means discounts of 50-90%, get a second product even free and more surprises. Believe us: you don't want to miss this!  ➤ See More

Gautier furniture collection

The Homefix organisation has also been the exclusive distributor of the French furniture brand Gautier. During The Unforgettable Clearance Sale we sell all existing stock and showroom models and bargain prices. That means a perfect opportunity to start Christmas with a brand new living room, bedroom, children's room for so much less.  ➤ See More

Office assets

We are also selling our office furniture, meeting room furniture, kitchen equipment, exclusive furniture from our lounges and corner offices and more. All has to go, and the rock bottom prices are reflecting this!  ➤ See More


Getting ready for a brand new future

This sale will not be the end of Homefix, but it will be an unforgettable part of getting the Homefix organisation in a perfect shape for the next decade, when we will further expand Homefix Online and launch a series of unique new Home Improvement initiatives.

But first: come on over and help us with this massive Clearance Sale, you will not be disappointed.  ➤ See More

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