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Keeping your Cool in Hot Weather

2 min read

Photo image from: StraitTimes

Singapore is can get pretty hot, and we mean really hot, and not in the sexy kinda way. This terrible trouble of tropical heat can cause more than enough discomfort to the average Singaporean. Luckily, we might have found a few Tips & Tricks for you to beat the sweltering city heat.

  1. Spray away the heat- keep small spray bottles filled with water in the fridge and use chilled in the office or car - a fine mist on your face and pulse points (inner elbows, behind the ears and knees) will cool the blood down.
    Psst: Check out ourO2cool squeeze mist bottle series! Duo function - Act as a water bottle for you to hydrate yourself as well as a mist to refresh you up!

  1. Close the curtains -
    While the sun is out to play, it pays to draw curtains and close blinds, blocking most of the heat from radiating into the room. If the air outside is hotter than inside, keep the windows closed, keeping that sweet, sweet cool air in.
  1. DIY Aircon - Got no aircon but have a fan?  Try placing a tub of ice water behind the fan and wait. The cool air will be pulled away from the tub and cool down your home. Nice and chilly!
  1. Get a haircut! -Seriously, long and/or thick hair acts like a woolly hat and if your head and feet are hot, the rest of your body struggles to cool down. If you've been considering that rad new hairdo, now's the time to do it.  
  1. Flick a switch -Lights and appliances in your house, when turned on, can actually raise the temperature indoors. If you're using fans and air con you'll be using more electricity anyhow, so balance things out by switching off all unnecessary lights etc. during the day!
  1. Sleep with an ice block - No, really, this works! One of those ice packs used for cooler boxes can be wrapped in a hand towel and kept in the bed, basically as the opposite of a hot water bottle.

  2. Invest in a long term solution -Yes, we know running your fan and aircon can drive up your electricity bills. So unless you’re one of those “Crazy Rich Asians”, energy saving is definitely a must. LikeMr RoboFan from iFan! No, It’s not some crazy robot that might seek world domination one day. What it is though, is an energy saving fan, sporting iFan’s Bladeless Vortex Turbine, not only making it strong, but quiet as well. With built in thermal protection, you won’t have to worry about Mr RoboFan overheating throughout the hot, sunny day.

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