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A Guide to Make Your House Sparkling Clean

To be honest, we love for our house to be sparkling clean (or maybe, squeaky clean!). Especially when I get to walk on squeaky clean floors - it makes me really thrilled to know my floor is that clean! However, with our busy work schedules / caring for children, it makes cleaning feel like a chore and nothing seems to motivate you to be doing anything.

But fret not, we have identified areas that needed cleaning and separated them into 3 different sections, so find the one that's most relevant to you and seek the answers that we do our best to provide. Or if, there's anything else you would like to know or tips to share with us and the rest of the audience, please reach out to us and we would gladly add in more into this blog post which is meant to be shared around for each and everyone of us who love a spick and span home!


In this post, I will be splitting this up into 3 major sections of our house that needs our attention in.

[1] Our Kitchen

[2]  Our Toilet

[3] Our Living Room / Bedroom


[1] Our Kitchen

Keeping our kitchen clean is absolutely important for a number of reasons (think about the bacteria that builds up if we don't keep it clean..). We set an example for our children, hence, I, too, lead by example to my kids. It's definitely a good habit to have and there is so much fun doing the weekly cleaning duties with your kids, Bonding time! :) 

  • Kitchen Sink
    Think about what you put in that sink all day - not just dirty dishes and unfinished sweet drinks, but bacteria from washing fruits and veggies, juice from raw poultry, mud from your kids' fun day out in the open and probably, slime from our waterbottles or our beloved pet's water bowl. Eww.. I totally can't imagine.
    One good product I highly recommend would be the Weiman Stainless Steel Sink Cleaner & Polish. It removes stains, water spots and rust, and most importantly, it leaves a protective coating that repels water and stains. It also restores the luster and shine to your stainless steel sinks (can you imagine using a dull and rusty sink?).

    With our constant washing, needless to say, one fine day, our kitchen drain is going to be blocked. And I am definitely not going to try my luck and pump anything out. Lol. In my house, I have the Ecozone Kitchen Drain Unblocker ready in the drawer. Why buy that, you would ask..? The kitchen drain unblocker breaks down soap, grease, toilet paper and organic residues cutting through tough blockages in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. It uses natural enzymes that clears just about anything without damaging your plumbing or septic tank.
    1 product. Multiple purposes. Did kitchen cleaning just get easier for you?
  • Kitchen Countertops
    Which kind of countertop do you have at home? Mine's the granite countertop. And to remove grease, grime, surface stains and reducing surface scratches, I use the Weiman Granite Cleaner & Polish Trigger, you only need to spray a little and wipe your countertop gently. For those of you who have solid / quartz surface, not to worry, this pH-neutral formula safely cleans and polishes, revealing natural colours and veining.
    However, for people who has marble countertops, please do not use anything with acid/vinegar/lemon juice/bleach or other cleaners containing acid on marble. Stick to the traditional way of using really mild soap and water.
  • Kitchen Cook Top
    For those of you out there who absolutely love whipping up scumptious meals for your loved ones or for your enjoyment, you are in luck! Weiman Cook Top Daily Cleaner Trigger is a product not to be missed. Spray directly onto your cook top and clean with a paper towel. Buff it a little with a paper towel and your cook top looks as good as new! 
  • Kitchen Floor
    I absolutely can't put up with a greasy floor after putting my cooking skills to test. Before anyone else in the family comes running into the kitchen and dashing around everywhere around the house, I use the Selleys Tile Floor Cleaner to wipe down my kitchen, and it can be easily done in less than 10 minutes. How can I do it in less than 10 minutes, you may ask? For me, time is precious, I am sure it's the same for you too. What you need to do is to dilute 1/2 cup of the concentrate in 1/2 bucket of warm water and clean your kitchen floor with a mop. For those of you who have tiles on kitchen walls, you just need to dip the sponge or a cloth and wipe on the surfaces. But for this cleaning task, I wouldn't involve my children, lest they make a mess out of it and accidentally come into contact with their eyes. I definitely wouldn't want my child wailing away before I'm done with the floor.


[2] Our Toilet

I can't emphasize more about keeping our toilets clean. It is the place where all the germs and bacteria start their attacks on the human body. Moreover, it is a humid area of the house and as we all know - germs love a humid environment. Why fall prey to illnesses when we can actually do our small little part in keeping our toilets clean?

  • Toilet Bowl
    I cannot stress more that cleaning the toilet bowl is of really high importance. Mrs Meyer's Toilet Bowl Cleaner makes this unpleasant cleaning chore so much easier for me. It is chlorine-free and uses no solvents, yet it cleans and deodorizes my toilet bowl. Yes, I care about what ingredients are being used in the products at home. What impresses me is that the formula is made from 98% naturally-derived ingredients, mainly plant-derived extracts and is completely biodegradable and environmentally safe. And, did I mention, I love the smell of lavender! 
  • Toilet Basin and Drain
    Let's face it. It is a problem in my home. Being one who absolutely adores my long hair, it becomes a problem when hair gets stuck in the drain or the basin. I can't help it! And the build-up of all the soap scum after our daily showers.. it's frustrating to have water draining so slowly while you shower, and you end up stepping in a puddle of soapy water. So what's a good product to rid this problem that is really a pain? 
    I proudly introduce you to Buster Bathroom Plughole Unblocker! To be honest, I've tried a couple of different products, but this works best for me. It dissolves hair, soap scum and whatever nasties that are constantly building up inside the pipes. I can't imagine having to deal with a dreadful full blockage if I don't use this regularly. If you use regularly, pour about a quarter or so of the bottle down the plughole, and leave it to work overnight. Then, flush through with hot water. This can be done on a monthly basis, and if you are worried about forgetting when you did this.. perhaps you can do it on the 1st of every month, just like me.
  • Shower Screen
    For those who have a glass shower screen in the toilet, please do clean it on a regular basis, so the build-up of soap scum would be greatly reduced. I would recommend Mrs Meyer's Glass Cleaner in Lavender, along with Leifheit Shower Cubicle Cleaner to have your screens and tiles gleam like fresh-cleaned.
  • Toilet and Wall Tiles
    Ahh.. I've got this covered! Don't do double work! If you had read the excerpt on Kitchen Floor cleaning - use the same bucket of water that is mixed with Selleys Tile Floor Cleaner. Why waste the floor cleaner? Since we spend time to mix the floor cleaner with water, we should maximise its usage! 

But at times, I realise there's mould on my tiles and on the inner sides of the toilet bowl. Really, it frustrates me to see that and it just makes me think I must have done a pretty lousy job if I see mould in my bathroom. I just try my best to scrub it off whenever I see it, until someone introduced Selleys Rapid Mould Killer to me. I spray on the affected area, leave it for a couple of minutes and then, rinse off. There will be a slight smell, but not to worry, it's definitely working itself! Ventilate the area by opening windows and doors would be good enough. 


[3] Our Living Room / Bedroom

The two places I spend the most time at.. it'd better be clean. If you have toddlers at home, the living room and bedroom are their wonder playland. Kids have so much fun rolling around on the floor, hopping and sliding around, making the house look like the best playground ever. As a parent, I certainly wouldn't want them to be playing on dirty and dusty floors, and sticking their fingers into their mouth (kids love doing that, don't you agree?). Keep the areas as clean as possible is something I would do, with or without kids. I wouldn't want to step up onto my bed, knowing that the bedroom floor is probably really dusty and sticky. And... dusting our legs before we get up on the bed doesn't help much (I'm guilty of doing that..)! 

  • Bedroom or Living Room Tiles
    There are many different types of floor tiles for bedroom and living room (ceramic, hardwood, laminate, parquet and marble, etc). For ceramic tiles, a floor cleaner can be used easily. For marble flooring, please note that you should not use anything acidic on your marble tiles. For Laminate and Parquet, I would introduce the Leifheit Parquet Laminate Cleaner to you. Using it does not bring about any unpleasant smell or smear, and what's good is that the cleaner protects the gaps of the sensitive parquet and laminate against wetness. We really ought to take good care of our wood flooring.. not easy to maintain, so take special care of it!
  • Carpets
    Having a carpet at home is really popular nowadays. I am a fan of carpets! And I adore rubbing my legs against the softness of my carpet. But keep in mind, we need to clean the carpet. I must admit, I do drop snacks by accident or spilled sweetened drinks on it before. So, it's extremely important to make sure it's properly cleaned before anyone else steps on it. Vacuum your carpet if you dropped any snacks etc, then use the Weiman Carpet Cleaner. It eliminates stains and odors attached to the fibers of carpets and rugs and it does not contain phosphates, VOCs or solvents. Spray directly onto the stain and allow 2 to 4 minutes for the solution to soak in. Blot or rub gently with a clean, damp cloth or sponge, and repeat if necessary until the stain and odor are completely removed. It is recommended for removing pet stains, oil, coffee, wine and soda.
  • Sofa
    Lazing around on the sofa and catching Netflix is my next favourite thing to do other than sleeping. Be it leather or fabric sofas or upholstery, there are products that help to maintain my beloved couch. 
    For fabric sofa and upholstery, do give Weiman Upholstery & Fabric Cleaner a go. It removes tough stains and odors, and it's eco-friendly and uses a non-toxic formula too. Its multi-action formula gently lifts dirt and stains from fibers while preventing re-soiling, perfect for people who treasure their fabric sofas.
    For those with leather sofas, I'm always caught in between two choices. In my opinion, both are good, the Weiman Leather Cleaner & Polish Trigger and Selleys Leather Clean. Both help to protect against wear and ageing, clean leather loungers and chairs and block UV rays to help prevent fading. And... a little goes a long way!
  • Windows
    Oops.. I only clean my windows when I remember to, or when it's time for spring cleaning (right before the new year). Please don't take after my bad habit. Clean windows let light in and make the space look fresh and clean. I would absolutely love to have professional window cleaning service but it's gonna leave my pocket with a huge hole. I can save this money and do it myself with some additional help. 
    Boomjoy's Rotation Window Cleaner is a hit product ever since it was launched. You can adjust the rotation for different windows that you are cleaning, and it's so easy to use! Coupled with Ecozone Window Cleaner, it's a perfect mix for those of you who wants clean windows. 


Hope this helps in guiding you to choose what kind of products to use in your cleaning routines. There are definitely more products in our collections or outside, but I sincerely hope it's a good insight for you in cleaning your lovely home! Maintaining your home seems much easier and fuss-free, isn't it?

Please let me know if you have any interesting tips and tricks that you would like to share with me after using our products. I would really love to learn from everyone when it comes to cleaning my home and making it comfortable for my loved ones to be in. 

Till then! :)

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