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Protect yourself and your family on three fronts: Inside home, outside home, and stop mosquitoes from making a home!

Dengue fever is definitely not anything new to us. We all do know that it is a disease that spreads like wildfire and everyone in the urban and developed countries are vulnerable to it.

So on our part, what can we actually do to keep up with dengue prevention?

1. Make a constant effort and follow NEA’s 5-step Mozzie Wipeout!

Step 1:  Change water in vases including any other standing water every alternate day. 

These mosquito granules and oil block could help to prevent the attack of mosquitoes in any standing water!


Step 2:  Thoroughly scrub flower pot plates and vases every other day to remove mosquito eggs

Step 3:  Keep potential water storage containers upside down

Step 4:  Loosen up soil in potted plants to prevent water from accumulating on the surface of the soil

Step 5:  Make use of insecticide in roof gutters to prevent breeding of mosquitoes

2. Make your living/working environment a mozzie-free area!

Do you know how long does an adult Aedes aegypti mosquito lives? Their life cycle spans from two weeks up to a month! Well, of course we do not want them to live that long...

Check out the following products that we can have in our homes to prevent and get rid of those dreading mosquitoes as fast as we can!

  • Using paints such as Nippon Paint Mozzieguard will help to knockdown and decrease the probability of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes! 
  • What’s a better idea than to have a Mozzie Magnet in your homes! The use of powerful mosquito attractants will draw these harmful insects away from yourself and your loved ones. 
  • Fighting mozzies can be accompanied with a nice fragrance in your living environment too! Be mozzie-free and create a pleasant smelling environment at the same time with Herbal Extract Mosquito Repeller and many other products! 

    3. Avoid dengue hotspots and know the potential breeding sites!

    Check out NEA’s site whenever you can, for up-to-date information on dengue clusters around the island and avoid visiting these places!

    Knowing the popular breeding habitats both in homes and public areas might just serve as a good knowledge!

    Breeding Habitats in Homes

    Breeding Habitats in Public Areas

    4. Educate your family about dengue!

    It is equally important to keep everyone around you safe from dengue. Educate your kids through videos and visuals about dengue prevention and the actions they can take!


    We can all play a part in this wholesome community to fight dengue and be mozzie free! Check out HERE for an extensive range of over 500 products that will help you kick start your mozzie-free journey!

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