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What does smart home actually mean? In the past, the smart home was considered to be part of a luxurious lifestyle, but today, it has become the potential to make your home a safer environment and to be more energy efficient. And work towards building a house that host a communication network that allows you to remotely control the different appliances. As you explore the newly found intelligent terrain, you might have some doubts about adding new technologies with which you may not have experience.

It is very likely that you will falter at the early stage but don't let this initial hurdle deter you from grasping the smart technology. Learn how to troubleshoot them and you'll be on your way to creating your smart home where any command dictates a rewarding experience.


Lifesmart is a smart home solutions provider that offers simple yet affordable intelligent devices that helps to seamlessly connect all aspects of your home together. They offer home security, energy management and home automation solutions that will save you time, money and simplify your everyday tasks. Till date, Lifesmart has served over 1 million customers across 30 countries, allowing users to be in control of their home from any time and anywhere.

Homefix is thrilled to have Lifesmart as a partner to pave the future for smart home adoption in Singapore. Let yourself live better, more comfortable and safe by empowering and embracing technology into your daily life.

Now, let's dive into the top five problems you might face during the outfitting of your smart home, along with the easiest solutions.

1. Your Smart Home Devices Doesn't Want to make Friends

Problem:The first issue you’ll likely face is purchasing smart gadgets that may not automatically work together. Your gadget chooses not to befriend a particular app. Most devices usually connect directly to a companion smartphone app instead of other apps. However, the best experience is being able to manage and take control of your devices with a single app or a single service. It's like putting everyone into a single happy group. Is it achievable? Yes, it is!

Solution:Get your friend a Smart home Hub/Station. Many of today’s smart gadgets integrate with the most popular smart home hubs. This allows you to seamlessly integrate all smart gadgets from one device. This means you can program kitchen lights and the bedroom TV to turn on when the living room fan is on, etc. How wonderful to see them all in action together!

The LifeSmart’s Smart Station connects all of LifeSmart products to one central device. As the core of the LifeSmart platform, the Smart Station wirelessly connects all of your devices and sensors. You can stay informed of changing conditions, trigger actions and remotely control various aspects of your home or office. The Smart Station logically links all of your devices to work seamlessly together.


2. Your Smart Home Devices hate Networking

Problem:Network connectivity is one of the most irritating encounters. You will have to try hard to get your gadget connected to the network or vice versa. The good news is that no issue is difficult to fix.

Solution: To avoid having your smart devices down together with the internet, you should get a smart home system that doesn’t depend on internet connectivity. There are devices that rely on protocols like Smart Station from LifeSmart that will not affect the flow of your daily routine. You will still be able to control all the devices from your phone as per usual even with no internet connectivity.

3. Smart Home Devices wrong Activation

Problem:Your smart gadget constantly demands your attention for the wrong reasons. This usually affects smart security cameras and sensors. It's frustrating to be alerted to false alarms on your phones for frequent cases such as a curtain or wind chimes that are blowing in the wind.

Solution: Look for smart home devices that allow you to set up custom actions according to your preference such as triggers and notifications. For instance, triggers allow you to do things like switching off the air condition every morning at 6:00 am or automatically lock the doors at night when it’s 10:30 pm. Smart home systems that provide such flexibility allows you to create your own customized functions to fit your lifestyle.


LifeSmart smart home system makes it possible for you to pair up different smart devices to automatically control your appliances based on your schedule and habits. With LifeSmartWireless Wi-Fi Camera and Door/Window Sensor, you are able to receive a timely push notification on the status of the opening and closing of doors/windows. In addition, you may choose to customize a trigger to do a snapshot of the visitors to keep you in the know.

4. Your Smart Home Device is hard to Control

Problem: One common issue faced by new smart home users when installing smart switches is that their existing light switch doesn’t include a neutral wire.

 When that happens, you can either hire an electrician to rewire the switch and the light fixture or to run a neutral wire between them. Either way, it can be too much of a hassle to be done, even more so when it is not for a new home.

: Turn any of your lightings to a Smart light with LifeSmart’s3-Gang Smart Switch or the 3-way Stellar Switch. Without the need of having a neutral wire, these smart switches replace your traditional switch with an intelligent, wirelessly active device. Anything connected to the switch can be updated to become a smart device.

To kick start your smart home journey, here are a few bundles the essential smart home devices to initiate your very first smart experience. Click here to view them now!


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