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Having trouble painting your house? Let us help you!

Painting your home can be a pain in the 'can'! Choosing the right color to fit your personal taste can sometimes go awfully wrong. Failing to understand the wall texture, the right steps to paint and the type of paints to use can lead to an Ultimate Paint-Disaster!

Simply engage painting services from Nippon and receive help from the Paint Specialist! You can’t get any better advice from anyone else.

Go hassle free and leave the work to the professionals. 

Service Packages Include:

1. Free Pre- Painting Wall Inspection



    • Check the current wall condition for any need to do extra prep work
    • Provide colour scheme recommendation
    • Provide Product application advice fro defective walls
    • Provide Project Coordination

    2. Genuine Premium Nippon Paint Products (Made in Singapore)

    • Quality Assured

    3. Free Digital Colour Preview Service

    • See how your rooms look in the colour you have chosen in digitally enhanced pictures

    4. Shifting and Protecting of Furniture and Floor

    • Ensure everything is properly covered so paint will not stain your belongings and flooring

    5. Certified and Highly Trained Painting Professionals

    • The Painting professionals will ensure that the right paint goes onto the wall for a smooth finish 

    6. Shifting Back of Furniture after painting

    7. Free 1-Year Interior Paint Warranty/ 5-Year Exterior Paint Warranty

    • By taking up the recommended painting system, you are entitled to a free paint warranty

    Price List

    *Packages does not include Sealers/Primers unless stated.

      Click Here to make an appointment for Fuss-Free Professional Painting Service!

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      September 20, 2019

      Hi, does the price for a 5 room flat include the painting of piping in the bathrooms. Approximately, how many days does it take to complete a 5-room flat. H/P:98425534. Thanks

      Nur Haninah
      Nur Haninah

      July 17, 2019

      Hello. Can I check in with you how long does it take for you to the painting for a 4 room flat? Will the painting just be the rooms & living room (walls & ceiling)? Does it include the ceiling? For toilets’ do you paint the ceiling?

      There is molds I think or brownish coloue on the ceiling wall. What do you suggest?

      What is the difference between value and classic package? What are the available colours?

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