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Homefix is celebrating International Women’s Day this coming 8 March at Waterway Point!

Do you know Homefix has our very own experience centre to do-it-with-you? Homefix XPC offer courses ranging from simple “D.I.Y course”, “Wood crafting”, “Metal crafting” and “Teaching you basic handyman and repair”.

This week, Homefix XPC will teach the ladies on how to build their very own Jewellery Stand using Homefix XPC Jewellery Stand Pack.


Things inside the package:

  1. 1 Wood Block
  2. 3 Wooden Dowels
  3. 2 Copper Fittings
  4. Sandpaper

Things you may need:

Epoxy adhesive - Selleys Epoxy Fix Super Fast 15ml


Here a short tutorial video:


Step by Step tutorial


Optional Step: Decorate the Jewellery Stand to your liking

Homefix XPC also offers many D.I.Y workshops to help makers, tinkerers, hackers and inventors who seek a deeper interest in enriching their skill sets and introducing innovation in Craft, Design & Technology. Find out more at https://xpc.sg/

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