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  1. With the whole range of tools available, you will be spoilt for choice. It is certainly crucial then that you choose the right ones. How do you decide which ones to pick?
  1. The right brush

A good quality brush is most essential when decorating. There are two type of brushes available :

  • Synthetic brush - It does not absorb moisture, it is most suitable for water-based materials as compared to solvent-based ones.
  • Natural bristle brush - as not only does it apply evenly, it also does not leave any brush marks in its trail. For the latter, using this type of brush would be the best choice.

Now, brushes can range in size, from 1-inch all the way up to 4-inch.

  1. The right scraper

What distinguishes a filling knife from a scraper is the filling knife's flexibility


Filling Knife

Scraper lacking that flex allows it to be forced across a surface

Flexible enough for you to allow a filler to be forced into a hole

When Using, push it across the surface

When Using, pull it across the surface

Using it in the right way will help protect the edge of the knife and also ensure that you have a fantastic paint job.

  1. The right roller

A quality roller is most essential when decorating large surfaces. There are many different sizes and pile lengths to choose from.

As a rule of thumb,

  • Short pile is best suited for very fine or flat surfaces;
  • Medium pile for slightly textured surfaces or flat walls; and a long pile for highly textured surfaces, such as brickwork.

The rollers may come in two types:

  • Ready built
  • Caged.

It is very easy to push the sleeves onto the rollers. To prevent fluff from the roller from being left on the wall, it is always advisable to wash the rollers in warm water first.

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