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People always term us as Sunny Singapore, well I believe Singaporeans all know that we are living very well up to this name! This sweltering heat is one of the reasons why we keep ourselves locked up in our comfortably air-conditioned room. However, this action comes with a price to pay, which is your soaring utility bill!

Did You Know?

Running just ONE air conditioner every night for 365 days can set you back over S$1,000? And I’m sure most of you are guilty of running more than just one air conditioner per household! Can you imagine the amount of money you can save?

Here’s how you can save a couple of hundreds and help the environment at the same time!


Time to pull the blinds and draw the curtains! (Did you know? 30% of unwanted heat in your home comes from the window?)

Check out our series of blinds here!


Natural instinct is to drink ice cold water on a scorching day, but no! Your body will have trouble adjusting to the temperature and loses more energy, so go for cool instead of cold water.


Being the cheapest bulb in the market, these bulbs generate the most heat with high energy usage. Replace it with energy-saving/LED light bulbs! They use lesser energy, lesser heat emitted, and most importantly allows you to SAVE MORE MONEY!


Check out our series of bulbs here!


Ceiling fans are perfect for the optimal coverage and one great tip is to have it turn counter clockwise.  This will help to push the cool air down and bring down the temperature of your environment.

Check out our series of ceiling fans here!

Now, air circulators! We have a good selection of Air Circulators right here, which is also our best-selling brand: Vornado! Air Circulators has a unique combination of aerodynamic elements that result in a “beam” of air, which we call Vornado Vortex Action. Vortex Action enlivens room air and comfort is delivered to all room occupants at any part of the room. 


Switch on your air-conditioner and set it on timer to be switched off at certain timing. After which, what you need is a mechanical timer! Plug in your fan/air circulator to this timer and set it to be switch on at the timing when your air conditioner switches off. To prevent cool air leakage, a door sweeper will be a good choice to trap the cool air in your room while the air circulators do the job of circulating the cool air in your room!


Home Hacks! All you need are just empty bottles, water, salt and a fan!

Pour 3 tablespoon of salt into 3 filled bottles and shake it thoroughly. Leave it to freeze completely. Salt helps to lower the freezing temperature of the water and makes the ice colder.

Remove the bottles from the freezer and place it in front of the fan! Leave some space in between the bottles to refrain blocking the airstream. TADA! Here you have your makeshift air conditioner.


Get a better paint for a cooler home, SolaReflect! This exterior paint reflects infrared heat and thus lesser heat will get into your home!

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