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One of the greatest advantages to customized wardrobes compared to an off-the-rack one is that you can size it to fit your exact dimensions, which is great for small spaces. There's also more room to play around with the internal modules so you will end up with a closet that meets your needs without taking up unnecessary floor space.

When it comes to customizing closets, it is important to speak to an expert for professional advice. To get everyone started, we have put together a few design tips you should consider to get the most out of your space.


Needless to say, sliding doors don’t require as much space clearance as compared to hinged swing doors. With sliding doors, you can go for a larger closet with more depth without fearing that it will take up the necessary traffic route.

What’s unique about OPSH’s sliding door is that the surface is made out of glass whiteboard. Glass whiteboards are extremely durable and are constructed from tempered glass for safety. This double up as a creative way of jotting down notes, drawing and it’s magnetic surface makes it possible to pin documents and notes.



Transparent glass panelling helps to create an open and airy feel, and it lets you see what's inside your closet without having to open the doors. Decision making in the mornings just became a lot easier.




If you have a messy closet and if you would rather not see the contents within, you can go for mirror panelling instead. Mirrors are great for small spaces as they help to create the illusion of a larger area and they bounce around daylight so you get a brighter room.







Always wanted to have a walk-in wardrobe at your home? Unfortunately, this concept isn’t for everyone especially those who do not have the luxury of having a spare room in the flat. If you can do without doors for your wardrobe, opt for an open shelving concept. While providing the same functionality as a normal wardrobe, it helps to make it easier for you to reach things inside. With customizable dimensions, this can be fitted into your desired room and actualizing your dream of having the walk-in wardrobe.


Wardrobes aren’t necessary to have to be fitted with a wall backing. If you require as much excess space as possible, consider installing your wardrobe right in front of your window. More often than not, many homeowners leave that area as walking space, thinking that there isn’t much that can be done to utilize it.

To ensure that you still have sufficient light in the room, go for open shelving so that the light from the windows can still come through to the rest of the room.


Combining a dresser within your wardrobe will help create a visually less cluttered room, which is key if you want the sense of a more spacious (and calmer) environment. Sure you will have less space for your clothes and accessories, but you will have more breathing room and a dedicated station for your beauty and fashion rituals. That's what we would call a win-win!




There nothing like ‘floating’ drawers and shelves to create a sense of airiness to a tiny apartment. Bonus: they free up floor space so you can tuck in that pair of chunky boots you can't find the space for in your shoe storage.



Always think vertically when you’re living in a small space. Make the most out of every inch. Create shelves that reach all the way to the top and place less frequently used items right up there.


Save space on your main clothing rail with a retractable trouser rack that can be pulled out when you need it and tucked away inside your closet when you don't. It can also work as an accessory organizer to manage your baubles and bling.


Rollaway drawers are a good choice if want a wardrobe that is more flexible. Remove it if you need the space to hang a particularly long dress, keep it in place to store your accessories or pull it out to use as a vanity top.

These solutions are all available with OPSH’s pole system – a versatile modular pole system wardrobe where you get to choose from a range of materials, colours and even the accessories and modules within the closet. Without the need for drilling, OPSH Pole System Wardrobe can also be conveniently dismantled and relocated to another venue for easy assembly.

To learn more about the OPSH Pole System Wardrobe, click here or contact Homefix Squad at 8181 1122.


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