D.I.Y Guides

We believe empowering our customers with the skills to DIY is the best way you would enjoy shopping at Home-Fix. With the various home improvement tips posted, ranging from lightings, electrical, car care, gardening, security, deco, power tools and etc, we aim to equip you with adequate knowledge to DIY.

Why should you sun-dry your clothes? Well, it's much more eco-friendly and friendly on your monthly electric bills than tumblers! Make the best out of the space you have with Maxplus at Elements by Home-Fix!      
Temperatures To convert: To: Multiply by: Degrees Celsius Fahrenheit Celsius (*1.8)+32 Fahrenheit Celsius Degrees Celsius (-32)*0.556 To convert: To: Multiply by: Litres Millilitres 1000 Quarts Litres 0.946 Gallons Litres 3.785
DO - Rinse off the vehicle before washing. It cools down the metal, removes loose dirt, cakes of mud, etc.DO - Rinse off your vehicle after it has been rained on, to minimise the effects of acid rain.DO - Wash your car if you see bird droppings, dead bugs or other obvious contaminants…
What's the common problem of an Air Fryer? Well, we've heard plenty and one of it is the size! Many air fryers are too small and hence, we are introducing you the EuropAce Air Fryer Oven - only at Elements by Home-Fix!      
Once again, we would like to introduce you the Atocare UV Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner! It makes cleaning much more effective, check out this amazing product at Elements by Home-Fix!      
Never use a screwdriver as a cold chisel, or for prying, punching, chiseling, scoring or scraping. Ensure that the tip fits the slot of the screw. If you use a screwdriver that is too large, you may damage the slot in the screw. Use a long-shanked screwdriver only for jobs…