5 Things You Need to Know About Getting a Digital Door Lock

5 Things You Need to Know about Getting a Digital Door Lock



Digital door locks are not adopted by many because of the misconceptions people have. Hence, Home-Fix is here to tell you 5 things you need to know about digital door locks.

1. Battery-powered »

 They still work during blackouts. This is one of the major hesitations people have about changing their locks to digital door locks. Contrary to what many people think, the Yale digital door locks work on one set of 4 AA batteries. A warning light will also light up when the battery reaches critical levels. Moreover, you can jump-start the lock using a standard 9V battery and open your door.



Yale YDM 3109 (UP $999)

2. Installation Help is Essential »

They need expert help in installation. Not every door or gate will fit each model of digital door lock. Hence, it is pertinent to have a site visit done before buying your favourite digital door lock. The Do-It-For-You™ Services from Home-Fix does free site visits to customise to your needs.

You can also engage their services to install your lock. Our friendly staff from D.I.F.Y. will explain to you how to use the digital door locks. Furthermore, they can assist you in installing a door closer. The door closer will soften the impact of a door closing and thus extend the lifespan of your digital door lock.



3. Locksmith is a Call Away »

They come with a free hotline. Do not fear when nothing seems to work in opening your digital door lock. Buy Yale digital door locks from Home-Fix and enjoy excellent customer care service. Dial 8876 0626 to try it out yourself!


Call D.I.F.Y. at 8876 0626!

4. The Start of Home Automation »

They can be integrated to a home automation system. The Yale YDD 424 connects to the VeraEdge home controller using Z-wave technology and allows access straight from your phone app! Moreover, your cameras, sensors, security devices and other home automation devices can all be linked to this hub.


Yale YDD 424 & VeraEdge Bundle (UP $1,398)


5. Security-booster »

They are safer than normal locks. The Yale digital door locks come with an alarm that goes off when intruders try to break-in. There is also the faked pin function, which identifies your pin code after a trail of random numbers so that nobody can steal your pin. Besides, the digital door locks have a touch screen keypad with no mechanical buttons, making it hard to trace your pin code. Check out the video featuring Yale YDD 324 that has all the functions mentioned above!


Bonus tip! »

As an extra bonus tip, there are ongoing promotions for Yale digital door locks now! Look out for the flyer below for more details!  

 Yale Bundle Deals Flyer

We hope that these 5 things you need to know about digital door locks will help you in finding the digital door lock that fits your home best. Remember to drop an enquiry at their website or call 8876 0626 for more information!  

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