8 Spring Cleaning Tips to Tide You Through this Chinese New Year


Spring CLeaning


It’s the time of the year again – spring cleaning (urgh!), and we admit that we hate cleaning too, simply because there's too much work and no fun! Sharing your concerns, we’ve put together a Spring Cleaning guide for you this New Year. Here are 8 must-know tips to make cleaning so much easier and faster.

1) Remove window stains with an industrial grade cleaner »

It’s important to grab the right chemical when removing stains on your windows and we recommend the 3M Sharpshooter™. The industrial grade 3M Sharpshooter™ (as its name suggests) is a versatile cleaner designed to remove even the most difficult spots and stains from almost any washable hard surface.

3m Sharpshooter 1


It can also be used on your kitchen stoves where greasy stains persist.

3m Sharpshooter 2

Product: 3M Sharp Shooter 500ml - $14.90


2) If you have huge windows with corners that are hard to reach »

We all have concerns when cleaning windows that are somewhat difficult to reach – it’s tiring to constantly reach out to that spot that seems so near yet so far away from you! More importantly, it can be very dangerous. If you’ve been bothered by these concerns that we share, you can certainly rely on a robot to do the job for you.


New in the market and exclusive in Home-Fix, the Winbot by ECOVACS is a smart robot programmed to clean every inch of your window effectively, regardless of thickness and size of the glass. See the product in action in this video below:


W730 Window Cleaning Robot: $788 (UP $1188)

3) Speed cleaning with high pressure cleaners »

We’ve tried and seen a high pressure cleaner worked its wonders. If you’re intimidated by the huge area of stubborn grime accumulated over time on your pavements or even the façade of your home, it’s time that you check out the range of Karcher High Pressure Cleaners. Check out this clip to see a high pressure cleaner work its magic on anything dirty.


Check out the range of Karcher High Pressure Cleaners in our stores or eStore!

Keeping your bathroom in check »

It takes a lot of effort to clean a bathroom. All that scrubbing and brushing to remove soap scums between grout can be very tiring - and we dread this because it has to be cleaned frequently. We've put together 3 product recommendations for bathroom maintenance so that you can have more time to sit back, and relax!

4) Removing Stubborn Soap Scum
Soap scum can be very tough to remove when accumulated over time. What we dislike most is the scrubbing and cleaning that comes with it. Our product recommendation for this problem is the Rejuvenate Soap Scum Remover.

What we love about this product: Minimal scrubbing needed with 3 simple application steps: 1) Spray the solution on the surface that you want to clean. 2) Let the solution sit for 3 minutes and 3) wash it off by spraying water over the surface. Here’s a video to show how this product works.


(This product is selling fast and may be out of stock. Call in to check on stock availability before heading down to any Home-Fix outlet!)

5) Grout in Bathroom Tiles

Clean grout between bathroom tiles with a high pressure cleaner - If your bathroom tiles are dull from years of usage, we suggest using a high pressure cleaner to make cleaning easier. Try setting high pressure jets of water on them instead of bending over and scrubbing every inch of your floor tile. It makes life so much easier!


Grout Renewer Pen -  A much cheaper way to clean grout would be to "cover it up".  Grout can be difficult to clean especially if you have not been cleaning your bathroom tiles frequently. The Rejuvenate Grout Renewer Pen works much like a marker, all you have to do is to shake the pen well and apply it along grout lines. Check this video out for application instructions:


  Rejuvenate Grout Renewer Pen White 2PCS: $16.70 (UP $20.90)
(Item is currently out of stock due to popular demand*)

6) Bring the leather sofa back to life »

If you have been wanting to bring that leather sofa back to how it was when you first bought it, we recommend you a bottle of the Weiman Leather Cleaner and Polish Trigger (355ml). This product is made especially for cleaning and restoring your leather back to life. Bonus: This product can also be used on that leather bag, pouch and even your car seats!

WEIMAN LEATHER CLEANER POLISH TRIGGER 355MLWeiman Leather Cleaner & Polish Trigger 355ML: $8.80 (UP $10.95)

7) Restore your hardwood floor without calling an Expert »

Dullness in hardwood flooring can be caused by many reasons – frequent traffic, wetness, and scratches from shifting your furniture around. Instead of going through the hassle (and costs) of finding someone reliable to restore for you, we suggest that you DIY it with the Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer. 

Clean your hardwood floor thoroughly before applying a layer of the Rejuvenate Wood Flood Restorer. Then, spread the milky non-toxic solution across the floor with a micro-fibre cloth or mop. Leave it to dry and you’ll be able to see noticeable differences to your flooring.


Product from left to right:
Rejuvenate Microfiber Mitt Applicator: $15.90 (UP $19.90)
Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer High Gloss 32Oz: $60.70 (UP $75.90)
Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer Satin 32Oz: $60.70 (UP $75.90)

8) Taking care of a Granite/Marble counter top »

If you’ve spent money getting a lovely granite or marble counter top in your kitchen or bathroom, the next step is to take good care of them so that they last you a long time. We recommend you to do so with the Method Granite and Marble Cleaner Spray (354ml).

Made specially for these 2 materials, your counter top is bound to stay bright and sparkling for a long time. Its cool Orchard Apple scent leaves behind a fresh morning dew feeling. Plus – Method products are made to be eco-friendly and gentle on the skin, so hurray for those with sensitive skins!

Method 1method 2
Available in Spray or Wipe
Method Granite & Marble Cleaner Spray 354ML: $6.70 (UP: $7.95)
Method Granite Wipes 30S: $8.50 (UP $9.95)


We hope these 8 tips and recommendations will make spring cleaning much more effective for you this Chinese New Year! Remember to grab extra pairs of helping hands from your family members for a sparkling clean home! 

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