6 Things You Have to Know about Cable Management



 We all know that it is good to store our cables together lest it looks too untidy, but many of us are lost as to where to begin. There are also potential hazards at home if they are left out in the open. Without further ado, here are 6 things you have to know to better manage our cables.

1. The Gravity of Cable Management »

 We can never stress enough the danger of leaving your cables out in the open. You might trip over them, your kids might be electrocuted when they unknowingly touch the wires with their wet bare hands or your pets might be strangled when they are caught up in them. Thus, we at Home-Fix feel that it is imperative that we suggest some cool products from BlueLounge to help you out. One way you can organise your cables is to use the BlueLounge Soba, which uses insulating tubes to zip loose cables up and consolidates them into a single tube. They are now selling at $39 after 20% off at Great World City Extended Sale from 24 - 30 August 2015.


Bluelounge Soba

BlueLounge Soba Black - $49 (Usual Price)

2. It Pays to Label »

If you have not embarked on labelling your cables as part of your cable management, it’s time to start. Labelling is 1 of the easiest way to manage your cables and it helps you to maintain, troubleshoot and reconnect cables with ease.

cable label

Label your cables with cable tags or even masking tapes

3. The Age for Corsets is Over »

Good job is trying to secure your cables together but do take note that you do not strangle them. Tying cables too tightly can damage their insulation and inhibit proper signal transmission so we recommend the BlueLounge Pixi, a reusable multi-purpose tie, for you to adjust your cables accordingly. The BlueLounge Pixis are going at $15 only at Great World City Extended Sale.


age of corset

BlueLounge Pixi, assorted range of colors and sizes - $18 (Usual Price)

4. Wire Bender Woes »

Have you wondered why your cables burst open and expose the copper within? The reason is because you have been bending them over their bend radius, the degree to which a cable can bend before you damage it. To prevent your cables from twisting too much in your bag while on the go, you can use the BlueLounge CableClip to secure them in a compact bundle. They are going at $13.60 after 15% off at Great World City Extended Sale.

 wire bender woes

BlueLounge CableClip, assorted range of colors and sizes - $16 (Usual Price)

5. The Cable Sanctuary »

 Imagine a home where your tablet, phones and other electronic devices are nicely situated in a corner while charging, no fighting for power points, no ugly tangled wires and more space for you and your family. The BlueLounge Santuary4 has a 4-amp charger that charges up to 4 devices at once and can be found on the Home-Fix eStore.


 the cable sanctuary

BlueLounge Sanctuary 4 - $139 (Usual Price)


6. D.I.Y. Your Own Cable Management Box »

Unleash your creativity and create your very own cable management box to keep those cables out of sight. Alternatively, Home-Fix has the BlueLounge CableBin and CableBox for you to hide those unsightly tangled cables at your work desk. The CableBin and CableBox are currently on offer at $99 and $33 at Great World City Extended Sale respectively.


BlueLounge CableBin, Dark Wood/Light Wood - $129 (Usual Price)

 diy your cable mgmt

BlueLounge CableBox, Large/Mini, Black/White - $39 (Usual Price)

We hope these 6 pieces of information will aid you in making your home look fabulous! Do drop by the Home-Fix Extended Sale at Great World City for more offers and creative solutions for your home!

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