5 Things You Never Knew You Needed To Consider While Renovating Your Home!


Renovation Tips!


Everyone tells you that you have to keep mindful of the budget; you have to be weary of the additional cost the contractors will charge you. You have to supervise the renovations, check for defects, etc. These are all good guidelines that we should take note of. However, the monster is in the details. So, we bring to you 5 things you never knew you needed to consider when renovating your new home!

1) Fire Rated Doors  »

Your gate is a safety barrier and your door acts as a fire barrier. Thus, it is imperative that your main door is fire-rated. Be it veneer, timber or classic doors, ensure that the door you purchase is able to withstand fire at least half an hour. Time is of the essence during times of emergency!


In addition, you can also consider having door closers to ensure the longevity of your door and door sealers to keep dirt and unwanted pests away from intruding your home! Check out these fire-rated doors below!


Gate & Door Package!



2) Lock Out the Burglar   »

We all think burglars will not come into our homes until they do. It’s better to be safe than sorry. However, we are not suggesting that you buy a high-tech burglar alarm system that is going to cost you thousands of dollars. You can instead make your money count by purchasing a digital door lock! They not only act as a burglar alarm system, they offer you unrivaled convenience and style. Furthermore, they are your ticket to a smart home when you combine your digital door lock with home automation system.


Yale Digital Door Locks!



3) Seal the Wall Deal»

Painting of the walls will mainly be handled by the contractor but it is good knowledge to know needs to go on your walls. The first coat of paint will be the sealer, followed by layers of the top coat. Do take note that your ceiling needs a separate anti-mold finishing coat. A sealer has special bonding agents that help it stick coats of paint onto the surface of walls and it allows the top coat to go on more smoothly, providing a better quality, longer lasting finish. If you’re looking for an expert to help you in painting your home the right way, enjoy the rates below and get your home a free safe!


Painting Packages!


4) Blinds to Blinding Light »

Yes, you have the right windows frames and grills approved by HDB. But have you considered that you also need blinds to protect your privacy? Blinds give you full control over the amount of light entering your home. They are also easier to clean and more economical to maintain compared to curtains. Moreover, with our new laser cut window blinds, you can also design your home décor with your blinds!


Window Blinds!


5) LED for Longer Expiry Date »

LED bulbs can save you a lot of money on energy use over the long haul, plus they have much longer lifespans than normal incandescent bulbs, making them well worth the upfront investment. Consider installing them in areas where the lights may be in use for long periods, like the living room or kitchen. Check out these Megaman lighting solutions that can be remotely controlled!


Megaman Lighting Solutions!


Bonus Tip! »

If you have big ideas regarding whether your home can become a smart home, if your door is suitable for a digital door lock, do not hesitant to call our hotline at 8876 0626 for a free site survey. If you need help in repainting your home or install a lock, Home-Fix has a Do-It-For-You Services that will be sure to meet your home improvement needs.







We hope these 5 tips and recommendations will help you home owners! Remember to pay extra attentions ot the details!


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