7 Hacks To Help Keep Your Garden Green and Luscious

5 Hacks to Healthy Garden



Don’t you just love it when people stop by and take a second glance at your beautiful lawn or garden? Or perhaps you enjoy sitting in your backyard early in the morning for a breath of fresh air. We here at Home-Fix know that achieving a healthy garden is no simple task and we are here to help you with 7 neat tips and tricks in gardening.

1. Watering the Right Way »

 Top of the list is about knowing how to water your plants correctly. First and foremost, water your plants deeply and thoroughly. As roots grow deeper and deeper into the ground, it becomes harder and harder for water to reach the roots in a hot and dry climate like Singapore. Frequent, shallow waterings causes your plants to keep their roots near the surface, and this makes them less hardy and more likely to deteriorate when deprived of water.


Watering of plants should also be done in the morning to avoid powdery mildew and other fungal diseases which are often caused by high humidity. Point to note: it is good to make sure you get your watering habits right from the start.



Watering Deep to Roots

2. Efficient Watering Solution »

The water that drips from the hose while watering plants can add up to quite a hefty sum in your water bill at the end of the month. To save you from forking out more cash, get a good quality hose set that is water-tight when not in use.  One such good product to consider is the Karcher Hose Set. The full range of spray nozzles and guns fit perfectly with its PrimoFlex hose that has a three-layer construction including braid reinforced tubing, making it durable and pressure resistant. It also has a UV-proof outer layer that protects the external material and an opaque interlayer that prevents internal algae formation.


Karcher Hose Set 2.645-258.0

3. A Little Pinch Goes A Long Way »

Do you know that if you pinch the upper portions of your herb plant stems, it will encourage new leaf growth? Herbs have a natural instinct to stay alive and multiply, so when they are pinched, they send a signal to the dormant leaf buds to grow. Try it out yourself!



4. Protecting Yourselves from Mosquitoes »

The heat from the afternoon sun in Singapore makes gardening an uphill task and it does not get easier with the many blood-thirsty mosquitoes around. According to statistics, June to October is the period where there is a spike in the number of dengue cases. Thus, we have 3 tips to help you ward off these Aedes mosquitoes.

First, remove water from your flower pot plates on alternate days and turn over all water storage containers.

Secondly, spray insect repellent around your garden to prevent any insects from breeding. The Obasan Mosquito Repellent is 100% organic and has a unique natural fragrance. It uses the concept of nature against nature to combat uninvited pests in your home and does not harm you, your loved ones, or the environment. 

Thirdly, you can use the PowerPac Mosquito Power Strike for a more offensive approach. It kills mosquitoes instantly and is free from all chemicals and noise.


 mosquito control 02


Rid off mosquitoes with these simple solutions

5. Effortless Grass Trimming »

 When trimming your lawn with a heavy grass trimmer, there comes a point where your speed slows down due to fatigue. Woe is he who has to stay under the hot sun for a longer period due to his heavy grass trimmer. If you want to trim your backyard easily and quickly, we'd recommend that you invest in a lightweight grass trimmer. The Bosch Grass Trimmer ART 23LI SL weighs only 1.7kg with its lightweight motor and provides ergonomic handling with its balanced weight distribution

 trimmer bosch art 23 sl



6. The High Pressure Way »


Nothing cleans your car, garage, backyard or porch more effectively than a high pressure cleaner. It is capable of cleaning stubborn grit and grime from between your porch tiles and tough-to-reach corners just using the power of water. We put our faith in Karcher's wide range of pressure cleaners for its durability, ease of use and effectiveness.



7. Get The Right Lighting For Your Garden »

Gardens are not just for daytime fun. Relaxing in the evening in your garden or backyard after sunset is just as relaxing and enjoyable, especially when you have a lovely get-together with family and friends for dinner. Lighting is a game changer when it comes to creating the right ambience you desire. Get the right kind of outdoor lighting for your home to shed some mood for your dinner party. Consider Megaman's Zania Cappi which comes with a built-in electronic ballast and IP rating of IP54 for outdoor use. 

 Megaman Zenia 03 03

We hope these 7 hacks will aid you in your gardening efforts. Remember to drop by Home-Fix stores for more offers and solutions catered just for you!  

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