D.I.Y Guides

We believe empowering our customers with the skills to DIY is the best way you would enjoy shopping at Home-Fix. With the various home improvement tips posted, ranging from lightings, electrical, car care, gardening, security, deco, power tools and etc, we aim to equip you with adequate knowledge to DIY.

What's the common problem of an Air Fryer? Well, we've heard plenty and one of it is the size! Many air fryers are too small and hence, we are introducing you the EuropAce Air Fryer Oven - only at Elements by Home-Fix!      
    Don’t you just love it when people stop by and take a second glance at your beautiful lawn or garden? Or perhaps you enjoy sitting in your backyard early in the morning for a breath of fresh air. We here at Home-Fix know that achieving a healthy garden…
When doing a full detail grooming for your car, try starting with the interior.   Start by Pulling Out the Floor Mats There are many types of floor mat available in the market. They have the upholstery type or more commonly the rubber/vinyl type. They also come in various designs.…
Check out the technology behind this awesome grill!
Here's another brand that we are proud to share with you at Elements by Home-Fix - the Instapure tap filter! It's not all about drinking clean water, it's also about cooking with filtered water too!      
LED light products are nothing new to the market, but do you really know what makes it different from your regular incandescent light bulbs? Check out the below 3Es infographic by Megaman. (Psst, you can now find Megaman products at Elements by Home-Fix!)